"Award winning, free range, slow grown, beautifully tasting West Country beef and lamb from Dartmoor Farmers. Grazing Dartmoor National Park, our pure and cross breed native cattle and sheep are reared on family farms."
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We’ve done it again!!

Following in the footsteps of last year’s triumphs we were, once again, delighted to be awarded five awards in the prestigious Taste of the West Awards.  This annual competition highlights the very best of West Country Food and Drink and identified the excellent tasting quality of our extensively reared Dartmoor Real Beef and Lamb.

Carol Trewin South West Producer of the Year

Champion Product Sirloin of Beef Roasting Joint

Gold Award Sirloin of Beef

Our 2011 award-winnings products include:
  1. Gold       Sirloin of Beef Roasting Joint
  2. Silver      Rib Eye Steak
  3. Silver      Neck Fillet of Lamb
  4. Silver      Canon of Lamb
  5. Silver      Mini Leg of Lamb Roast

“Dartmoor Farmers are flattered to receive multi awards for the second consecutive year. Our beef and lamb are extensively reared within the Dartmoor National Park on a predominantly grass fed diet which results in the excellent eating quality identified by these awards”  

Westcountry Beef and Lamb from Dartmoor

Dartmoor FarmersWithout exception, the slow growing, slow maturing approach to rearing Dartmoor’s native, grass-fed livestock gives its meat exceptional flavour and quality.

Through Dartmoor Farmers’ Beef and Lamb meat boxes, you can now experience for yourself these unique flavours direct from the farm gate, supplied by a group of hill farmers who’s families have farmed Dartmoor for generations, right in the heart of Devon.
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Dartmoor Farmers Limited are grateful for funding through the Rural Development Programme for England in respect of marketing assistance for 2010 and 2011